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1 Apr GDataXML-HTML - (GDataXMLNode *)firstNodeForXPath:(NSString *)xpath error:(NSError **)error. - (GDataXMLNode *)firstNodeForXPath:(NSString *)xpath namespaces:(NSDictionary *)namespaces error:(NSError **)error. Tasks - Instance Methods. NSString *name = [[partyMember attributeForName:@"name"] stringValue];. 21 Apr What steps will reproduce the problem? 1. Create root Element 2. Create GDataXMLDocument using root element kalispellboulderproject.com sub element to root.

XPath Query Returns No Results Using Libxml2 and GDataXmlDocument nodesForXPath. August 21, by Matthew Carriere 1 Comment. If you are using. 18 Mar and then passes the data to GDataXML's parser with the GDataXMLDocument initWithData method. If GDataXML has an error parsing the file. 21 Apr What steps will reproduce the problem? 1. GDataXMLDocument* doc = [[ GDataXmlDocument alloc: initWithData:0 options:0 error:NULL]; (this.

GDataXMLDocument *doc = [[GDataXMLDocument alloc] initWithData:[NSData dataWithContentsOfFile:path] encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding error:NULL];. 21 Apr GDataXMLDocument class (definded in GDataXMLNode.h header file) does not contain support for inserting standalone attribute in processing. 9 Sep NSError *error;; GDataXMLDocument *doc = [[GDataXMLDocument alloc] initWithData:xmlData; options:0 error:&error];; if (doc == nil) return. I need your help, i want to parse an XML file using GDataXMLDocument and i want to fetch particular tag's all attributes but when i am using or just provide me. 24 Oct -[GDataXMLDocument setVersion:] in GDataXMLNode.o -[GDataXMLDocument setCharacterEncoding:] in GDataXMLNode.o.

1 Apr initWithContentsOfURL:NewsFeed]; NSError *error; GDataXMLDocument *doc = [[GDataXMLDocument alloc] initWithData:xmlData options 21 Feb GDataXMLDocument *doc = [[ GDataXMLDocument alloc ] initWithData:[request responseData ] options: 0 error:&error];. if (doc == nil) {. 年7月28日 GDataXMLDocument *document =[[GDataXMLDocument alloc]initWithData:data options:0 error:&error]; // //获取根节点 // GDataXMLElement. 22 Apr xmlDocument = [[GDataXMLDocument alloc]initWithData:xmlData options:0 error :nil];. GDataXMLElement *mainElement = [GDataXMLNode.


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